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Walker Ranson was born and raised on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout his early years he took to reading ravenously, easily making his way through a book a day (when homework allowed). Then he began taking an interest in writing and poetry through the encouragement of both his teachers and family. Though he took to writing eagerly and ideas poured forth one after another, he was never quite able to finish them, instead setting them aside for later in life.

Originally attending Gonzaga University, to study for a civil engineering degree, his interests quickly shifted back to those of his early years once more. With renewed vigor he turned back to the ideas of old he could never quite finish, and new stories that are begging to be written. 

He currently works as Manager at Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo Washington.

Here are some additional fun facts:

  1. His favorite food is banana-lavender ice cream.

  2. He is an avid DnD player, and Esports watcher.

  3. And his favorite authors by genre:

  •      Sci-Fi - David Weber

  •      Sci-Fa - Adrian Tchaikovsky

  •      Adventure - Brian Jacques

  •      Fantasy - Evan Winter

  •      Humor - Matthew Inman

  •      Hist-Fiction - Guy Gavriel Kay

  •      Graphic Novel - Jeff Smith

  •      Horror - H. P. Lovecraft

I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams.

- H. P. Lovecraft